Boost your immune system naturally

Today, it’s a known fact that we don’t enjoy a healthy way of life like our ancestors. People become ill frequently while terms, for example, ‘high blood sugar’, ‘diabetes’ and other illnesses. Due to the physical and emotional imbalance caused, the productivity of the human body including the immunity system gets affected. This made humans inclined to be frequently inflected and get sick. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is always a blessing and it is a greater rarity than wealth that we can enjoy at present.

Unhealthy and chemically added food, less proactive sleep or lacking rest, emotional imbalance and disturbed toxin elimination functions in the body can be considered as the critical traits to attributes to a weak immune system. Let’s discuss how we can defeat these unhealthy habits and boost the immune system and get to the prime condition and battle against external threats.

Heirloom rice is considered one of the most nutritious staple food varieties. Traditional medication practices, for example, Ayurveda consistently feature the significance of traditional rice consumption. The nutritional value of the heirloom rice variety improves the functioning of the immune system and physical strength. Most of the traditional rice varieties have their own medicinal values to improve the immunity system of the human body while Sudu heenati, Kaluheenati, Pachchaperumal, Madathawalu and Kahawanu are frequently mentioned relating to this aspect.

Boosting Immunity

Heenati rice varieties such as Sudu heenat, Kalu heenati are used to treat maintain the immune system. It improves immunity, physical strength. It has been proved that these varieties help to improve the human immune system. Similarly, Pachchaperumal, Madathawalu are the red rice varieties which mainly prescribed to fortify the immune system. Moreover, Madathawalu is traditional rice full of iron, zinc, potassium and antioxidants. And it is recommended for reinforcing the immune system.

Two main way of consuming rice is in boiled rice form and in porridge form. It has been identified that the porridge form helps to absorb nutrients and medicinal properties many times better than having it in boiled rice form. There was an explanation, the same benefits of eating 1kg of boiled rice can be taken by having just 70g in porridge form.

In the same way, the immunity-boosting properties of traditional rice are multiple times higher in porridge form than the boiled rice form. Porridge is packed full of vitamins, proteins and minerals and micronutrients that boost the human immune system and keep your body healthy in many ways.

Porridge is a simple and easy food option which can have as a full meal when prepared think, and also as a cereal drink when prepared lite. Trying different porridge recipes as an energetic and healthy alternative for the breakfast would be a great choice for a healthy lifestyle. Also, it is one of the best replacements for milk in the morning.

Immunity boosting

Moreover, consistent intake of naturally grown and chemical-free food and regular exercise is the best way to support your overall health and immunity. They sometimes following appropriate lifestyle changes in order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

By sharing this knowledge on the nutritional and medicinal value of our own traditional rice, VCEYLON is inspired to promote the norm of healthy lifestyles while providing our customers more awareness about choosing the most healthy and natural choices when it comes to daily food intake.

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